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Domestic Express

Domestic Express Services offers reliable door to door solutions for time-critical packages to be delivered within to any city/town within Zambia or within your city. We pick up and deliver your packages within agreed delivery times! Our range of services include:

HOME DELIVERY SERVICES: Same day, next day deliveries are available upon request. We deliver your products directly to the location of your choice.

CASH ON DELIVERY: Mercury Express Logistics can deliver any product to your customers; collect the amount paid from the buyer, and then transfer the payment to you.


RETURN DELIVERY: Send items and receive them back to your doorstep. Ideal solution for getting documents signed or sending products that require repair and return.

DIAGNOSTICS DELIVERY: Wherever temperature sensitive medical deliveries are going, and whatever they require, we’ll collect, handle and deliver your shipment with all the speed and care it demands at the right temperature. We are able to deliver to every clinic in the country, with specialised vehicles and equipment that are able to store sensitive samples at the temperature prescribed, and not deviating from it. Hospitals and clinics can increase their delivery of medical samples by using this service that ensures that patients do not wait too long for their diagnostic tests or other medicines required.

SECURE DELIVERY SERVICES: We ensure your goods reach the right destination on time and our extra security layers avert unnecessary risks once at the final hurdle. We take additional steps to ensure that our customers’ goods can only reach locations and address types which they have specifically earmarked as being appropriate for safe delivery.

INTER BRANCH DELIVERY: We make sure that goods are delivered to your branches within the city, delivered on time.

HASTY DELIVERY: You can order a delivery of anything in the city, even something one off, like one pen and we will immediately deliver it to you! This is a within the day delivery available for those efficient and time sensitive deliveries.

OVERNIGHT EXPRESS FREIGHT: Ship your pallets today and they’ll arrive first thing next business day. This is a daily consolidation service that provides a next day solution for heavy shipments. It is a daily consolidation service that guarantees next day delivery, and if this is a monthly request, the customer can request a permanent booking.

CITY COURIER: This is a specialised service for clients to deliver invoices, invitations and any documentation within a specific town. For example the Banks that delivers cheques, invoices or invitations can make use of this service to have their cheques sent between branches within a town.